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Recognized As One Of The "Top SEO Tools" Used By Entrepreneurs Of Both Small & Large Internet Based Businesses.

An All-In-One SEO Tool

Backlink Checker Tool

This is not your ordinary "Backlink Checker"! This feature allows you to find your long (not lost) links, transfer and save them into your 'Premium' account then check the PR, store the anchor text and so much more...

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Reciprocal Link Exchange Tracker

Verify that the links your buying and exchanging are still LIVE and make sure they are not hidden within "nofollow" code PLUS lots more with this reciprocal link exchange tracker...

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Link Building Management

This one of a kind SEO link building management tool allows you to manage and organized a strategic link building campaign that is can improve your site's search engine rankings...

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"Hundreds Of Website Owners Are Already Tracking Their Links With Backlink Reporter"

Backlink Reporter

Link Tracking Software

Are your link building efforts going to waste? You can finally start tracking your links and gain control of your link popularity.

Are the links you've gotten still live? What anchor text do you need to focus on? This link tracking software will tell you.

"Dear Backlink Reporter, I am always looking for ways to optimize my time and efforts.

Backlink Reporter has given my company the opportunity to accomplish both in an easy to use format. I no longer need to waste time searching for my links on other sites. Backlink Reporter does all the work for me at a push of a button.

I am very grateful to have found this service and want to congratuate you on a job well done."

~ Jean-Paul

How Would You Describe Your Link Building Efforts?



Do You Have A Strategy?

Have you ever thought... " I should implement a method to my madness?"

For example; when you find a valuable place to put a new link, lets say on a high PR site.

Answer quickly; What anchor text are you going use? What keyword will this link be?

BacklinkReporter can help you determin what terms are short on link juice. Google and other search engines want to see "natural" link building. Don't pour all your link juice on 1 keyword, "Share The Wealth", make sure 2 or 3 realated terms share the juice and help your single most important term gain favor.

Track The Links Your Buying And Exchanging

Have you ever found it difficult to keep track the links your buying and exchanging?

Whether you have purchased links or done a link exchange, it gets difficult to keep track of all of your links. Especially when the numbers get up into the hundreds or thousands. Not any more. Backlink Reporter is a new tool that allows you to keep track of all of the links you've gotten for one or many websites. All you have to do is create your account and start tracking your links.

What if I want to track links I'm selling? If you have a website where you are selling link advertisements, Backlink Reporter can help you there too. Just create your account, select the link sales option and start keeping track of all of the links you are selling. See how it works!

Start Implementing Effective Link Building Strategies

As the power of link building is obviously beginning to play a bigger and bigger role in the search engine world, it is now becoming much more important to not just "do link building" but to start implementing "effective link building strategies - properly!

Links Cost You Time & Money!

That is where Backlink Reporter comes in. We have given you the way to keep track of your one way inbound link building so you can know where you need to improve.

Basic Tools & Features
Instant Link Verification Feature
Sponsored Link Checker
Reciprocal Link Exchange Checker
Keyword Tracking Tool
Create Printable PDF Backlink Report
Document Link Age, Link Type, Billing... And More!

Premium Tools & Features
NoFollow Link Attribute & Meta Tag Checker
Backlink PR (PageRank) Checker
Backlink Finder
Page Index Checker

Track Your Keyword Campaign
Avoid "nofollow" Backlink Scams
Verify Your Paid Links Are Still LIVE
Keep Your Link Exchange Partners Honest
Find Your And Log Those Long (Not Lost) Backlinks
Check The Page Rank Of The Websites Your Links Are On
Keep Track of Which Backlinks are Paid And Exchanged

Your Links Are Valuable.

Don't Try And Blindly Build Links To Your Site.

Start Tracking Your Link Building Efforts.

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